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I write because…

A brand new blog.  I began blogging about 6 years ago when my friend Mike Darling first introduced me to it.  I had never even heard the word and became quickly enamoured by the prospect of having a voice out in cyberspace.  I appreciated my mom and wife for being avid fans.  They even asked me to add them to my email list to be automatically updated when I would write something new.  So every 5 or 6 months an email would appear with a blog post about how I really want to write more but don’t have the time.  I would write about things as they struck me not knowing whether anyone else would find them interesting.  That, however is not why I wrote.  I wrote because it was a way for me to give back. 

As I began to realize just how surrounded I was with the information age, I felt in a way that I would be held accountable for the information I took in.  Just as the master held each servant accountable for the talents he received, I am inundated with information.  Will God ever ask, “What did you do with what I was teaching you?” or “How did you pass on what I revealed to you about that Psalm?”  Those may not be the questions most pressing when all is said and done, but I do feel like being a good steward with my resources is something that he expects.  He reveals himself in so many different ways and when we open our eyes to see how he uses the world around us for us to see him, we have a responsibility to reflect that to others. 

So, I write. 


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