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A New Kind of Christian

I just finished reading Brian McLaren’s A New Kind of Christian. I was not sure what to expect when I picked it up other than the fact the McLaren was rethinking how Christians think about things and sharing his insights with the world. After completing the first of the trilogy following the spiritual journey of Dan and Neo, I feel very similar to how Dan descibed himself at one point – very excited but mildly depressed. I am excited because I feel that McLaren has captured much of my own frustrations and anxieties over the current state of Christianity and the dialogue between Neo and Dan captures many of the questions I have had for some time and allows for dialogue – not necessarily answers – about them. The mild depression I find myself in is the result of a “now what” feeling I am left with. I think I am going to let McLaren’s words marinate for a while before trying to move on to the practical side of things. Right now there are certainly more questions than answers.

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