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Children with Cell Phones!?!

I just got done reading this article that was discussing how having a cell phone is becoming more and more popular for the tween age (ages 8-12). On the one hand I find this disturbing. Do we as parents feel so insecure about our children’s safety (when they should be supervised by adults who likely have cell phones of their own) that we need to cave into their desires for a techno-tool that will likely lose its appeal after a day or two? On the other hand, I think it could be a good way of teaching responsibility if the parents are going to use it as such. According to the article, 90% of all calls are not necessary. “Fluff” as the author says. If a child wants the cell phone as a status symbol why not use it as a chance to teach about earning the $50 gadget plus the whopping $25 charge for each 200 minutes. This didn’t seem to be an issue 5 years ago. It makes me wonder what Miriam is going to be wanting 5 years from now. She will probably need a lap top for her pre-K class. Who knows.


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