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Mandated STD Vaccine for Preteen Girls?

I’d like your reaction to an article I recently read in the New York Times.

Here is a short summary:

– TX State Governor, Rick Perry, attempted to push a mandated law stating that girls 11-12 years old would be required to get vaccinated against HPV.
– HPV (Human Papillomavoirus) is a sexually transmitted disease which research has shown to cause cervical cancer.
– His proposal was overwhelmingly vetoed by state legislature and will be revisited in 4 years.
– Parents could opt to allow their daughters to not receive the vaccine.
– The Center for Disease Control has described the vaccine (Gardasil) as safe and effective when given as directed for girls aged 9-26.
– The vaccine is given in 3 shots over 8 months.

What are your thoughts/reactions? Read the article, let me know what you think!


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