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It’s important.

So important it can alter how you interpret the messages that you take in every moment of every day. The messages we have received over the course of our life impact how we see ourselves, our motives for doing and being, our behavior and how we view others.

Perspective is important.


What do the signs say?

Maybe the messages you have received most of your life have been positive. Your perspective on life is one of hope and eager anticipation of what comes next.

For you, the signs say, “You matter. Don’t give up.”

Perhaps though, the messages you have received have been mainly negative. They have left you feeling less than worthy, less than enough, less than important. Your perspective on life may be characterized by pessimism, doubt and uncertainty about the future.

For you, the signs say, “You don’t matter. Give up.” Read across instead of each sign individually.

Perspective is important.

One of the ways of changing your outlook on life is to consciously choose a different perspective. Even if it feels unnatural, you can alter the way you think about an event or something you see and your perspective on it can change. Sometimes it is all about creating a new habit that looks for the best, gives the benefit of the doubt or chooses joy. There may also be days when the right perspective is the first one evoked by your emotion. Becoming aware of your perspectives allows you to adapt them as needed to see things from another’s point of view – a skill that could be useful in our controversy-charged society.


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