Blessed as a Children’s Minister

Thinking today about just how blessed I am as a children’s minister. I have many reasons to feel this way. I am part of a team of people that are genuinely invested in my success. We have a 70+ year old prayer minister that desires to pour into me each week. A senior leadership that will praise what is happening in the children’s ministry in front of other people. A youth minister that views my role as an integral part of his ministry strategy. A team of shepherds that desire spiritual growth so they can better serve the needs of our congregation. Yup, I have plenty of reasons to feel blessed as a children’s minister.

But today I have been focusing on another reason. My wife.

I have a hard time thinking of another reason I am so blessed as a children’s minister than that I have Krista as my wife. I pass by people at church all the time and get stopped just so they can tell me what a rockstar she is. Seriously. This happened twice in one week last month. And they both used the word “Rockstar.”
This past weekend we had out of town guests staying with us. Lots of them. We actually had two families that didn’t know each other end up spending the weekend with us. Between us and them, here were seven kids under the age of 6 and five of them were still in diapers. When I went to work yesterday, the office staff asked me how Krista was handling all the guests and I got another opportunity to brag on her. She lived up to her reputation as rockstar mom as she was both hospitable and entertaining for our friends.
Her ability to deal with people with grace and gentility is something I admire and I know that as a children’s minister she is my biggest fan, my strongest advocate, my gentlest critic, and my sweet respite.

Yup, I have plenty of reasons to feel blessed as a children’s minister.

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