What do you look for?

I am curious.  What are the most important things families look for when it comes to being a part of a church?  It is very easy for me to assume that certain things are important but I want to hear it from you.  Fill me in!  Thanks!

About joshkellar

I'm married to an incredible woman of God and have two daughters that love to laugh and delight in the Lord. My goal in life is to bring others into closer relationship with God by engaging them in His story as we journey together in a faith-filled community. The basis for every decision I make in life comes back to my calling to share the love of God with those around me. My hope is that at every opportunity I will encourage others into a greater lifelong journey of discipleship.

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  1. Beautifully put. I hear in your responses the heart of Jesus. Who he was, how he acted, what he taught. Thanks for sharing! Hope all is well!

  2. A place where people share their testimony in services each Sunday because they rely on God all the week.

    A place where actions of love and forgiveness are freely given to each other every day.

    A place where people share their thoughts with passion and pursue holiness with fervor.

    A place where acceptance is the norm not the exception.

    A place where families are treated first as a unit and the role/authority of the parents isn’t infringed upon by the church.

    A place that is both willing to look and live *completely different* than the world, and at the same time be completely open and accepting to those in the world.

    A place where the people look up to folks that serve others, instead of heroes that are waited upon.

    A place where they don't focus on their doctrinal uniqueness or speak disrespectfully of those who disagree with their views.

    A place where they don’t put you in box based upon your up bringing, clothes or place of work.

    In short, a place where they don’t just call themselves Christians, show up at church on Sundays and make excuses for living like the world the rest of the week.

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