Family of Faith – 5/27/07

I was told that I need to start putting my Bulletin Inserts on my blog. I will start at the beginning and post all the ones I have done so far. Enjoy!

Greetings! As the children get out of school, I hope that you will find opportunities to fill your summer with times which enrich your family and grow closer to God. Since the bulletin is always filled with much other important information, I hope that this insert will be helpful in keeping up with important events about the children’s ministry and that you will refer to it each week. I also hope that you will be blessed by our meeting together each Sunday. As a way of extending the faith formation of Sundays into the home each week, I hope that this insert will provide further opportunities for you to grow as a family. Use the questions presented here to have discussions with your children. Learn how to find “teachable moments” with your child as you (and they) experience the world. Find ways of applying the lessons learned from class and worship into everyday settings. As always, I am here to help in any way possible. Please let me know what is needed.

About joshkellar

I'm married to an incredible woman of God and have two daughters that love to laugh and delight in the Lord. My goal in life is to bring others into closer relationship with God by engaging them in His story as we journey together in a faith-filled community. The basis for every decision I make in life comes back to my calling to share the love of God with those around me. My hope is that at every opportunity I will encourage others into a greater lifelong journey of discipleship.

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