And He Shall Be Called…

I have decided to read through the gospels this summer. I will read about two chapters a day. Today I read Matthew 1-2. Something that stood out to me in these two chapters was the importance that Matthew placed on names. It doesnt take long listening to sermons to hear a preacher speak about the significance of certain names included in the geneology here which dont belong in the ancestry of a savior of the world. Names like Tamar and the wife of Uriah only evoke memories calling us back to negative times in Israel’s history. I think that is why it stood out to me so much that in these two short chapters, Jesus is called so many different things. The angel tells Mary to name him “Jesus”- the Lord Saves; Jesus is the Savior of the world. The angel of the Lord calls Jesus, “Immanuel”- God with us; Jesus is God in the flesh. The Magi call him “King of the Jews”- Jesus is Lord of all, sovreign. Herod even ironically calls him “Christ”- Annointed One; Jesus is the one appointed and set apart to rule the earth. The chief priests and teachers of the law refer to him as the “Shepherd of Israel”- he will lead his people like sheep are led. Again the angel of the Lord speaks and calls Jesus “God’s son,” saying, “Out of Egypt, I called my son.” Jesus is the very son of God. Matthew finally calls him a “Nazarene”- he is human, living among the people, recognizable and mortal. It is so interesting to me the importance that Matthew places on the names that Christ bears in these first to chapters. The significance of these names is important, just as the significance of the name we bear as Christians is also important.


About joshkellar

I'm married to an incredible woman of God and have two daughters that love to laugh and delight in the Lord. My goal in life is to bring others into closer relationship with God by engaging them in His story as we journey together in a faith-filled community. The basis for every decision I make in life comes back to my calling to share the love of God with those around me. My hope is that at every opportunity I will encourage others into a greater lifelong journey of discipleship.

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